Structural BIM Modeling

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RDT Tech and its team of highly experienced professionals leverage the latest BIM tools to provide definitive Structural BIM Modeling services that facilitate all-encompassing design analysis and bridge the gap between the design and fabrication stage.  

Structural BIM Modeling plays an important role in the entire building lifecycle management from the initial design stage, through the lifespan and demolition. During the design & construction process, accurately designing & detailing structural elements is very important. RDT’s Structural BIM Modeling services such as detailing, drafting and 3D Modeling combine analysis and advanced design capabilities to ensure safer designs and more cost savings.

RDT’s Offerings:

  • Structural Design & Analysis
  • 3D Modeling Construction
  • Extraction of Structural Components
  • Risk Mitigation & Clash Detection

Reimagine Design Technologies with RDT today!

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