Structural Shop Drawings

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RDT provides comprehensive structural shop drawings that like structural detailed drawings, co-ordination modeling, quantity & estimation, structural BIM modeling and many more!

Structural shop drawings are an important aspect of any construction project as they depict dimensions, sizes, material specifications, assembly and other crucial fabrication details. At RDT, our team of draftsmen, detailers and engineers generate an accurate and highly precise set of shop drawings in a short turnaround time that caters to the needs & specifications of our clients. Our shop drawings are helping clients and project execution crews facilitate clear communication, help design teams validate and verify, aids manufacturers in getting a clear picture of the materials & instructions for fabrication and expedite delivery timelines of the project.


RDT’s Offerings:

  • Detailed Comparison Information
  • MEP Coordination 
  • Fabrication Information
  • Jobsite Dimension Verification
  • Construction Shop Drawing


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