6D BIM for Facilities Management

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RDT’s holds extensive experience in implementing 6D Building Information Modeling services for Facilities management by combining all the preceding dimensions: 3D, 4D & 5D.

The 6D Building Information Modeling comes to the fore during the project completion phase. In this phase, our professionals link the design components to critical project lifecycle information like scheduled maintenance, installation date, manufacturer information and lifecycle information to help owners operate and maintain buildings efficiently. RDT understands the complexities associated with manually operating & maintaining buildings. RDT eliminate such redundancies by providing unmatched 6D BIM services to AEC firms and building owners to streamline and improve the facilities management.

Why Choose RDT?

  • Pre-Plan Maintenance Activities
  • Virtually Test Multiple Scenarios
  • Up-to-date Facility & Equipment Data
  • Forecast Estimation Costs
  • Streamline Change Management

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