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Go through our series of videos made to answer some of the most common questions we get asked by clients, architects & construction companies/contractors alike.

How does RDT help Architects?

How does RDT help Construction Companies? ​

How does RDT help with 3D Modeling?

How many Design Revisions are included?

How does RDT help with Design Development?

How does RDT help with Drafting?

How does RDT help with Visualization?

How does RDT manage Red-Line Markups?

What about Design & File Ownership?

What about Licensing Costs?

What about Weekly Meetings?

What are RDT’s Payment Terms?

What are RDT’s Engagement Models?

What are the Output Files RDT provides?

What are the Project Typologies that RDT works on?

What are the Types of Resources at RDT?

What File Standards does RDT follow?

What Input Files does RDT require?

What is RDT’s Infrastructure?

What is RDT?

What is RDT’s Working Model?

What is the Language Proficiency of RDT’s team?

What Software's is RDT proficient in?

What Timezone does RDT work on?

Where is RDT Located?

Who are RDT’s Clients?

Why should you work with RDT?

How does RDT Coordinate between Trades?