MEP Shop Drawings

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At RDT we help, improve with accuracy to resolve clashes and optimize building systems. BIM tools help various MEP teams to collaborate, share data to reduce clashes and increases onsite work efficiency.

Detail Shop Drawings

Get in touch with Team RDT for MEP detail shop drawings with utmost precision and accurate dimensions. All detail shop drawings include manufacturing dimensions, installation instructions and other important variables. Our detail drawings are precise, clear and easily legible, showing all dimensions and instructions.

Penetration Drawings

MEP components are penetrated through wall and floors throughout the buildings. To accurately allow these penetrations, penetration drawings are needed with proper dimensions. These drawings also needed to ensure the structural integrity of the building.

Sleeve & Block Drawings

Get sleeve & block drawings along with penetration drawings to coordinate better with concrete and steel contractors. Accurate drawings ensure pipe and ductwork to fit perfectly avoiding all possible risks and clashes throughout the building.

Coordination Drawings

BIM models allow perfect coordinated drawings for MEP systems along with Architectural and structural components. Coordinated drawings help in the better laying of the project efficiently and with better synchronization. Thus, reducing rework along with saving time and increased profitability.

As-Built MEP Drawings

Contact team RDT if you are updating or renovating the buildings. Our team will ensure and provide all as-built drawings with all details and dimensions to efficiently plan and initiate all construction process accordingly.

Pipe Spool Drawings

To Install all pipe spools for Commercial/Industrial projects, get in touch with team RDT for pipe spool drawings. These drawings are necessary to get correct size spools to make easy and headache-free plumbing installations.

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