Precast Detailing

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We at RDT accomplish a wide range of precast detailing jobs and have delivered numerous projects on detailing, modeling & shop drawing.

Precast detailing is a key component of a construction project which comprises assembling a building with the help of prefabricated components. Our architects, in-house engineers and detailers have successfully helped clients across the globe with curated Precast Detailing Services. RDT boasts of knowledge and expertise in detailing column systems, frame systems, longitudinal walls, slab-column systems and large panel systems which lower maintenance costs, minimize sound transmission, streamline construction irrespective of weather conditions and achieve excellent fire resistance.

RDT’s Offerings:

  • Precast Panel Detailing
  • Flat Slab Detailing
  • Beam & Column Detailing
  • Quantity Take-offs
  • Hollow Core Slab Detailing


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