Structural 2D Drafting

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RDT’s 2D drafting & detailing services include detailing & structural CAD drafting for large commercial and residential buildings, complexes.

At RDT, our experts provide 2D drafting services for Reinforced Concrete Detailing, Structural Framing Layouts, RCC Beam Framing & Drawings, Foundation plans, Reinforcement and Structural Joist Details. Our professionals understand the project requirements of clients and produce structural construction documentation set in CAD. Our teams hold expertise in a wide range of cutting-edge technologies and develop 2D drafts that adhere to marking presentations/schemes (Sheet size, text style, layering etc.), codes like OSHA, AISC, NISD and international standards.

RDT’s Offerings:

  • Connection Sketches
  • Drawing Index
  • General Arrangement Drawings
  • Fittings Drawings and more


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