Details, Schematics, Schedules, Legends & Control Diagrams

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RDT offers a full spectrum of MEP Design & Support services that include Control Diagrams, Schedules, Details & Legends for Global Clients. 

At RDT Tech, our professional teams leverage cutting-edge technologies to deliver high-quality schematics, legends, details and control diagrams for a variety of construction projects and HVAC systems. All our designs adhere to international standards set by SMACNA, ASHRAE, IEEE & NFPA. Our experts develop intelligent layouts & elevation drawings that facilitate seamless coordination, optimization, fabrication and installation. Every schedule, legend, control diagram and schematic are optimized by our specialists to reduce maintenance costs, minimize complexity and maximize the efficiency of HVAC systems.

RDT’s Offerings:

  • Legends
  • HVAC System Construction Plan
  • Control Diagrams
  • Schematics
  • Detailing Services
  • Quick Turnaround Time


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