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Achieve scalable growth and cost savings: Our staffing solutions enable you to expand your team at your desired pace without the need for substantial headcount expenses. 

Streamline recruitment and onboarding processes: Our candidates are ready to start immediately, saving you time and resources. 

Focus on your core strengths: Allow your team to concentrate on project delivery, growth, and sustainable expansion. 

Maintain your company culture: Our dedicated team members integrate seamlessly into your team, ensuring long-term success while preserving your unique identity.


At RDT, we are experts at what we do which is BIM Engineering, Construction Documentation & Visualisation. 


Worried about hiring a new team for a new project? Or firing them when you don’t have enough work? RDT helps scale up & down your team with ease & flexibility. 


We have hundreds of years of experience between our team to manage projects of all shapes & sizes. Hence, we are uniquely positioned & structured to deliver projects faster & better than in-house teams. 

Asked Questions ?

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We’ll discuss your requirements and select suitable candidates for you. Once the ideal match is picked, we’ll work with your team to onboard them. We provide standard hardware and software, including Office 365. Our IT department can help with any specific applications you use.

No. We collaborate closely with clients to understand their needs, and offer highly skilled and graduated candidates for immediate deployment. Our candidates are carefully selected and can start working within days.

Yes, a dedicated team member is assigned to you who can focus solely on your needs and ensure that the projects are completed on time and to the highest standard.

As remote/hybrid workplaces become more widespread, effective methods have emerged to make remote communications a breeze. Zoom or meet work great, however the team member can use your prefer mode of communication. Establishing a strong communication channel is key to a successful team.

We prioritize the security of your data, and all of our employees sign NDAs. However, we always recommend that you maintain your standard security practices.

We enable our clients to manage their team members while taking responsibility for HR, compliance, and state requirements, including taxes on their behalf.

How It Works?


We collaborate closely with you to grasp your requirements, ensuring we recommend highly compatible team members who align with your organization's ethos and objectives.


We facilitate the onboarding process for your new team member, configuring their communication and IT systems to ensure they seamlessly integrate into your workflow.


Your new team member is fully prepared to start. You'll directly communicate with them for task assignment, while we establish an enduring partnership to support your long-term success.


Our Infrastructure. Your Advantage.

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