Reimagine BUILDING ENERGY MODELING with RDT Technology. 

Building Energy Modeling (BEM) is a multi-purpose tool for building energy efficiency, supporting projects at the level of individual buildings (design, control, rating, financial incentives), and building stocks (program development, research).

At RDT, we help to build projects to be more energy-efficient & comfortable for the habitats. We help our clients save resources and time by energy modeling. It allows us to test the design with the weather, people, utility rates & simulate simultaneously. After running all the right energy tests, modeling helps to choose designs, materials, and the right fitness equipment. Through Energy modeling one can immediately see the consequences with changing variables, so you end up with a building that is both energy efficient and comfortable.

Architectural Design

Architects use BEM to design energy-efficient buildings, specifically to inform quantitative trade-offs between up-front construction costs and operational energy costs. In many cases, BEM can reduce both energy costs and up-front construction costs.

HVAC Design & Operations

Commercial building HVAC systems can be large and complex. BEM helps mechanical engineers design HVAC systems that meet building thermal loads efficiently. It also helps design and test control strategies for these systems.

Building Performance Rating

BEM can be used to assess the inherent performance of a building while controlling for specific use and operation. Inherent performance rating is the basis for processes like code compliance, green certification, and financial incentives.

Building Stock Analysis

BEM analysis on prototype models supports the development of energy codes and standards and helps organizations like utilities and local governments plan large scale energy-efficiency programs.

Reimagine Design Technologies with RDT today!

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