ai powered mep software

Ai Powered

At RDT, we are constantly forging the way forward with the latest in the world of MEP & BIM. After years of industry experience in MEP, RDT has developed state-of-the-art, cutting-edge AI-powered RDT MEP+ software. Please read about our software below to know more about it.

Fast Turnaround

RDT MEP+ enables companies to leverage the latest in cutting-edge technologies to deliver projects at record speeds by reducing lead times to a tenth.


Our Ai based technology reduces manual errors & automates the entire MEP & HVAC process, thereby increasing the efficiencies throughout the whole project lifecycle.


One of the key benefits of leveraging our software is to reduce inefficiencies & costs simultaneously. Automating critical parts of the MEP & HVAC process enables us to share some of the cost benefits with our client base.


RDT MEP+ provides an end-to-end solution for architects & construction companies alike. Rather than automating small parts of the MEP & HVAC process, RDT delivers a complete solution to deliver greater value to the end customer.


- Electrical BOQ
- Plumbing BOQ
- Fire BOQ


- Panel SLD
- Switchboard Module Tables
- Electrical Conduiting Layouts
- Wiring/Controlling Plans
- DB Electrical SLD (Single Line Diagrams)
- Electrical Automation
- Electrical Wall Elevations
- Product Recommendations


- Schematics
- Water Supply (internal and external)
- Plumbing Wall Elevations
- Vertical Stake Piping
- Drainage Piping (internal and external)
- Product Recommendations


- Ducting Layouts
- Schematics
- Air Conditioning
- Copper Piping
- Air Exhaust Layouts
- Air Cooling Layouts
- Chiller Plans
- Product Recommendations


- Fire Alarms
- Fire Hydrant Layouts
- Fire Sprinklers Layouts
- Product Recommendations

Safety & Security

- Data Wiring
- WiFi Wiring
- CCTV Wiring
- Telephone Wiring
- Product Recommendations

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